(written last night on the train home at 11:30pm… Am now in morning coffee for the Friday Risk Reputation and Virtual Worlds session).

After the conference team IBM eMerged from the somewhat darkened club atmosphere of the conference venue out into the dark somewhat Autumnal atmosphere of London. After a lemming walk following Ian through the dodgey streets around Kings Cross station to a pub we all collapsed for a well earned pint of beer. Much to my US colleagues’s disappointment they didn’t serve traditional warm beer although I did suggest they could microwave his more mainstream John Smith’s beer if he asked.

We discussed some deep philosophical issues around copyright in new media / virtual worlds, how interactive or not the minibars in London hotels are and other topics.
The rest of our lightweight team all decided to head for bed, but your die-hard correspondent went on to the Hospital club for another evening of networking on behalf of IBM.

The taxi there was hilarious with a driver who seemed to be pretty angry about just about every group in society starting with the drug scene around Kings Cross (fair enough, apparantly it’s pretty dangerous), left wingers, etc. etc. so immediately extreme that it was funny in an awful way.

After arriving safely at the Hospital, from a business point of view I think that the next hour or so was probably the most productive time of the whole trip. Lots of dots being joined about possible IBM opportunities and especially perhaps for ibm.com (who after all paid for my ticket and indeed salary so that’s nice).

Back for midnight before I turn into a pumpkin hopefully before up at 6 to start the madness again. Friday is a workshop around legal issues and reputation relating to virtual worlds.