I just wanted to draw your attention to the Virtual World Forum site, which has podcasts of some of the sessions. Some were better than others, so I thought I’d try and offer some value-add on the top sessions to listen to:

1. Paul Ledak, IBM VP for Digital Convergence. Cleary I’m biased as an IBMer, but Paul very clearly presented on how things will need to open up for virtual worlds to really take off. I had heard much of the piece parts of his pitch, but never in a single well delivered presentation. If you want to look up and see the horizon of this technology and how it will change the world, listen to this! Recommended listening to all IBM Virtual Universe Community members.

2. Jo Little, BP. Jo amazed me with how far BP has taken use of virtual worlds including some really innovative uses such as employee councilling.

There was also a good panel with Ian Hughes, but they don’t seem to have put that one up yet. One of the things that emerged in the conference was the “hidden” dominance of some of the Eastern virtual worlds in China etc. so I hope they podcast the session on those soon as I missed that one.

Also Roo Reynolds just pinged me to say that the opening night’s SXSW mixer photos are up on their website.