Well, after a blogging vacation, Boris is back. A lot has happened in the virtual world, and in particular my bit of it in IBM land. IBM.com has launched it’s 2-island sim in Second Life, and more recently has launched a “Virtual Green Data Center” – more on that soon. Boris has hosted a few more Wonderland shows using the very cool “Mogulus” web application, and will be back on the air net soon – probably with a bit more of a business flavour.

What else is new… I attended the Virtual Worlds conference in New York a few months back, which was great chance to catch up with the myriad of IBMers working in virtual worlds. It was quite funny – the fact that there were clients there was almost a side issue, as it was just so cool to finally meet people I’d worked with virtually for so long – including my boss!

On the conference theme, I am getting ready for the two coming up in London in October. Am hoping to speak on the aforementioned Virtual Green Data Center at one of them.

Finally, for now, I have had a quick play with Google’s new “Lively” 3D application. This is encouraging in some ways, as it again helps put virtual world higher up the agenda. I have to say though this feels a pretty early effort, with many on the forums feeling short-changed. It has more a feeling of an alpha than even a beta, and in that sense is a bit un-google like. However, I am sure Google will sort it and I don’t doubt will gain some mind share simply because it’s a google thing. That can only be good for us all. I do think that the browser is the way to go for mass acceptance of virtual worlds – flash based etc. so no further downloads. That would also be ideal for my wife’s new Photography business: Sarah Aires Photography. We could create online 3D galleries of her portfolio or even private galleries for clients.