The big story in IBM-land as far as I am concered, is our new Virtual Green Data Center. This is an exhibition showing many of IBM’s “green” technologies for making data center environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.

IBM Virtual Green Data Center

IBM Virtual Green Data Center

IBM does have real world Green Data Centers that clients can visit, but this virtual version is great for us as it allows us to introduce the concepts in a very visual and engaging way, much earlier in the sales cycle. It also allows for the events themselves to be green as no one is having to travel to the event.

The center houses a variety of cool demos including a nice little trolley which whizzes around and measures the temperature around the center and delivers to you a 3D thermal heat map.

Also demonstrated are best practices such as arrange servers into hot and cold isles, rear door heat exchangers and arranging underfloor cabling neatly to avoid hotspots.