Platform Integration Considerations for Enterprise Virtual Worlds

I arrived late, so didn’t catch the whole panel

Rob Smart
Unity 3D looking at peer to peer applications – scales down well as well as up.  e.g. for peer to peer meetings.

People asking about the limitations of laptops in the enterprise for these types of applications.  Personally I think it’s not a big worry as this is just a time thing and there are plenty of other things holding up adoption anyway, so by the time those things are fixed, people will just have better machines anyway and companies should hopefully realise the need to prioritise graphics along with processing.  Vista should help with that I imagine.

Q How to cope with lots of concurrent users
Rob – more productive to spread people over a number of areas.  Optionally can relay chat.  People chat more.

Q Key Drivers
Matt Furman – Always helps to get the CEO on-board!  Got hooks in at the top level and trickles down from there.

Q Should you try and replicate existing buildings or do something new?
Rob – Do something new unless you have a specific need or want to mimic existing structures.