Just wanted to blog a little more about the VW SIG session.

The virtual worlds roadmap is being written by a group of VW enthusiasts, with representation from people like Intel, IBM, Electric Sheep company, Samsung and others.  It’s goal is to be a casebook that documents past efforts (so that the industry does not collectively forget, as sometimes people attempt a problem that turns out to be too difficult with the current technology or user experience, which someone else may attempt again a few years later), lessons learnt and best practices.  The effort is based around identifying major opportunities for virtual worlds and then analysing what the requirements are and what the barries are for their implementation.  This is designed to be a lower level, more pragmatic ongoing approach, compared to the initial high level metaverse roadmap version originally undertaken.  The point being that we all benefit in the industry if we can collectively understand what it will take for these opportunites to reach mass adoption.  The groups are:

Situational Training

Simulated Environments – Education and Entertainment

Paraverse, Mobile Reality, Mixed Reality (top rated)

One other that escapes me

Recently groups met in each category to establish a goal, current state of the industry, Key barries, Future uses and potential.

Next steps are:

  1. The next round of meetings will probably happen Jan 09.
  2. Establish standing teams for each major use in Q4
  3. Establish a wiki toolkit

Finally wanted to mention an interesting discussion with the Mycosm folk who are developing a quite pretty virtual world concept – which builds on IM and then offers users the chance to build their own virtual world which links to others.  Sounds a bit similar to other companies, but what caught my ear was that they are offering a full camera system including different focal length lenses, apetures and depth of field, rather than a simple screenshot approach where everything is in focus.  I imagine some others offer this too, but have not heard about it.