Alternate Reality Games

I should be listening more here – trying to mentally process all the cool conversations today. 🙂

ARGs are very flexible and can be on  any platform.  They are games, not computer games.  The intersection of story and games.  Takes place in real world, online or indeed anywhere.

I love the concept and suprised that I’ve not heard more about it.  Sounds a lot like a much more sophisticated version of stuff I’ve done with friends.  I was wanting to do something like this with a large church I used to be part of to help increase the level of community.

Ideal for something like X-Factor.  With Roo on this panel expect the BBC to break out in ARGs 🙂

Games can empower the audience.

Dan Hon – often so far people play themselves in ARGs. (need not be that way).

Q- Do assests in ARGs have real world value? Dan – yes.

Most thought provoking talk of the conference!  Brain will now officially explode 🙂