I just finished an interesting exercise in social networking from web2.0 to web3.0…  I posted on Twitter, that I was offering to take folk on a tour of our Virtual Green Data Center in Second Life. I currently have 129 followers on Twitter, so that offer pinged out to them, and Erica Driver of the innovation community site, Thinkbalm, accepted.

We setup a meeting and have just shown Erica and Sam Driver around (nice name badges!).  We had a good discussion around how we are using this to promote IBM’s green capabilities to our clients.  One major theme that came out was that these environments offer opportunities to show things that would be very hard to demonstrate in other ways, or are just much more compelling and memorable than the alternatives.  Thanks for visiting Erica!

Ironically, my PC crashed as I had the radiator on, just as I’d been talking about water cooling in IBM servers!  Perhaps my room needs a rear door heat exchanger on!?

If anyone else would like a tour, drop me a line: airesk@uk.ibm.com