You know how it is, you try out all the new toys on the block and gradually they fall by the web2.0 wayside using your electronic volcano filing system.  So I thought I’d capture those, “you really must have these” tools so I can include the link in my email footer.  There are lots and lots of others that would make the B list, but for now I wanted to capture the absolute, you really must get these, favourites.  For example when helping relatives with their PCs I almost install these without thinking (once I’ve got their permission).


Screen capture application.  It’s just so useful to be able to snap bits of your screen.  It’s saved to your clipboard ready for cut and pasting and is saved as a file for future reference.  Just assign it to your print screen button, and when you press it crosshairs will appear, you drag to select and your done.  If you are wanting to take pictures from webpages, say for inclusion in a blog, Kwout looks a promising way of quickly getting snippets straight onto Flickr or direct using html for use in blogs like this.  Indeed I’ve used it for the screen shots in this post!  The hyperlinks in the snippets still work too – amazing!

Firefox Web Browser

(I know this is a given for most self respecting web2.0ers, but amazingly some people still don’t use it).  This is the web browser of choice.  Many new applications seem to work better on than internet explorer as the people developing them use it.

Google Toolbar

Why go to google when google can come to you.  I use this many times per day.  I like the images button search too.  Available for IE and Firefox.  Firefox has it as standard, but I like the buttons and the way the search terms become buttons so you can easily search through the webpage once you’ve found it.

Boringly, most of the other “must have” tools relate to stuff INSIDE IBM, so for this post I’m gonna be brutal and keep it to these top 3.

What are your top 3?  Tricky eh!?