I was working over the weekend on some machinima I have to complete for next week, and was keeping an eye on the Home Camp unconference in London, which was kindly being streamed to Ustream by Andy Piper.  I’ve used Ustream quite a bit in the past as it’s quite useful for streaming live video from events to the web.  However, I later started using the excellent Mogulus as it has SO many cool features that other sites like Ustream didn’t (don’t?) have.

Andy commented that it’s a shame he couldn’t include the side chat box on the stream itself (so he could record it?).  I had played around with that before after seeing Chris Prillo’s channel on Ustream, where Chris has live chat overlayed.

So, I captured the Ustream audio and video and then re-transmitted it live to Mogulus, and also added an overlay which included the text chat, AND included another overlay to one of the SlideShare presentations being used.  Using a feature in Mogulus itself I was able to add in a clickable Twitter feed ticker running along the bottom of the screen for the #homecamp tag, so viewers would be able to see what people are Tweeting.

I will be doing something similar next week for a IBM.com Japanese event in Second Life, where the organisers want speakers bio’s scrolling across the screen in Japanese.  Sadly Mogulus doesn’t support Japanese, so I managed to create a local scrolling overlay that did the job (after fighting with Windows to install Japanese!).

Anyway, the possibilities of live annotation of someone else’s stream seems quite fun (although potentially illegal!).  A bit like bubbleply, but for live video sites like Ustream.