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Well, I’ve completed week 1 at GPJ and I have to say I’m loving it!  It’s still somewhat strange actually working with people after a couple of years of working from home.  It’s nice to be able to wander in to someone’s office and talk face to face.  I’ve been busy setting up a wide-ranging set of meeting with colleagues, business partners, potential business partners.  Every day it’s becoming more and more obvious the huge opportunity that GPJ has with digital experience marketing.

Boyle’s law.

Digital marketing has been very obvious in the news this week with Susan Boyle, the UK’s YouTube sensation, who has managed to prove in 1 week the quote I read today in B2B marketing – “there are no social media experts – no one knows what will work.”


Hello World!  Today is my first day at George P Johnson.  It started in a very eco-friendly manner with a lovely cycle ride along the Basingstoke Canal to Brookwood station, a civilised train ride to Surbiton and then another short ride along to GPJ’s office in Kingston.

So now I have to deliver on my previous point about putting the experience into “Digital Experience”.  I’m looking forward to this new challenge, not least of which I actually meet people on a day to day basis!  How retro! 🙂

Given that I have Digital in my job title I figured I should arm myself with at least one new gadget to mark the occasion.  I’ve treated myself to the A4 Digi-memo, which allows me to take normal pen-based notes in a normal looking leather binder thing, but it sneakily digitises the output as a pdf and even does character recognition (if your writing is neat – which mine isn’t).  So there you go – even my day to day notes will be digital.

On a personal note, I had a very photographic weekend.  I was second camera for a wedding my wife was photographing, which went well.  The tricky bit was to photograph the happy couple releasing some doves!  You don’t get a second chance for shots like that.  On Sunday I was on a video camera for both services at my church.  The team are getting pretty good at shooting and mixing live video now.

So pretty much everything I do, work or play these days is a digital event!

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