Hello World!  Today is my first day at George P Johnson.  It started in a very eco-friendly manner with a lovely cycle ride along the Basingstoke Canal to Brookwood station, a civilised train ride to Surbiton and then another short ride along to GPJ’s office in Kingston.

So now I have to deliver on my previous point about putting the experience into “Digital Experience”.  I’m looking forward to this new challenge, not least of which I actually meet people on a day to day basis!  How retro! 🙂

Given that I have Digital in my job title I figured I should arm myself with at least one new gadget to mark the occasion.  I’ve treated myself to the A4 Digi-memo, which allows me to take normal pen-based notes in a normal looking leather binder thing, but it sneakily digitises the output as a pdf and even does character recognition (if your writing is neat – which mine isn’t).  So there you go – even my day to day notes will be digital.

On a personal note, I had a very photographic weekend.  I was second camera for a wedding my wife was photographing, which went well.  The tricky bit was to photograph the happy couple releasing some doves!  You don’t get a second chance for shots like that.  On Sunday I was on a video camera for both services at my church.  The team are getting pretty good at shooting and mixing live video now.

So pretty much everything I do, work or play these days is a digital event!