It’s Friday afternoon and after one month at George P. Johnson, I thought it was time I got around to blogging.  What has tempted me out of my fishbowl office to tweet you ask yourself?

In a word,

It is pretty much impossible to talk about digital experience, social media etc. in a client context without mentioning the word Twitter.  It is now pretty much synoymous with all current “new type web2.0 stuff technology that is moving so fast it’s like holding jelly in my fingers whilst sitting on the wing of a jumbo jet in a snowstorm”.  For any event, physical or virtual the question comes up.  Do we tweet?  Will anyone else tweet?  How should we tweet?  Will people like us if we tweet or think we are the emporor with no clothes.  (OK I made that last one up, but I’m guessing that’s what some people must wonder).

There are lots of ways you might choose to use twitter at an event, but today, thanks to Michael Martine of Dogear-Nation, I saw a great website that has lots of potential for making your tweetstream event friendly: visible tweets

visible tweets screenshot

You simply select a term or terms to follow and the visible tweets starts displaying them.  It has 3 different types of visualisation (rotating is shown above).  It even has the option to go fullscreen.

One  nice addition would be the ability to follow a particular user, which would make it even more event friendly, by taking out the risk of rude spam.

Two other tools deserve a worthy mention in the Cool Twitter tools category at the moment too.  They are both quite similar and could be used in a number of ways for events:  PeopleBrowsr and Tweetdeck.  Both tools display terms you want to follow in virtual columns, allowing you to follow a number of different threads/memes at once.  From an experience perspective, both have various facilities to customise the interface (colours, font etc.)  The main difference is PeopleBrowsr is web-based and has more extra functions than you can shake a stick at, whilst tweetdeck is a bit simpler and requires a download, but then kinda sits in the background tempting you to type just one more Tweet.

Peoplebrowsr 09 2009-05-15 16.53

I finally got around to trying out Twitpic using my Blackberry’s (not very good) camera. You can see the results here.  I currently have a picture of Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in Kingston from my office window, and a shot of my new business cards (I could be dangerous now!) – not quite moocards, but hey you can’t have everything.  I have to toe some of the party line now although I did break ranks and ask to have my blog, Second Life name, Linked In address and of course given this Blog post, Twitter account, on the back 🙂

One final honorable mention goes to another Twitter tool I came across as I stumbled into a twitter conversation whilst using my Blackberry on the train home yesterday is Tweetchat.  Tweetchat effectively turns Twitter into an Instant Messaging tool, allowing you easy group chatting around a topic, which stays in the twitterstream once you’re done for everyone elses benefit.


As I still work for an American company, that’s my 2 cents for the day.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter here:  And of course this blog post will auto tweet there once I press the publish button.