I had a really good day today.  After an early call and a quick trip to the office, Kenny Lauer and I went to the Linden Labs offices at Mountain View to visit my old colleague Dave Kamalsky.  Dave and first met when I ran one of the first major IBM events in Second Life for The Greater IBM Connection.  Dave helped me setup the event on Almden island, which is there to this day, although now it’s a museum.  I’ve met Dave virtually many times in Second Life, but until today, never in-person.

Kevin meets Dave K

Dave gave us a quick tour of the office.  The highlights were the Guitar Hero Wii setup and the cocktail trolley, which would be enough to make most techies weep with envy.  We popped our for a pizza at lunchtime and discussed all kindsa things including live rendered films, and the effect of the colour blue (!) (it makes you more creative!)




Thanks Dave!  Looking forward to talking again soon.