Virtual Edge Summit, the conference about virtual tradeshow / virtual events (in a wider sense) starts today.

05 2009-05-28 15.01

It’s a sunny day in Santa Clara and room service has just bought breakfast including some much needed coffee.  The day is starting well.  I have already had one client meeting plus pretty much finished the presentation I’m giving today (!)  I spent some time last night on iStockPhoto getting some fun graphics for it.


I plan to make it fairly interactive (“ask the audience”) rather than “Sage on a Stage”.  Apparently it’s also being streamed live into a virtual environment the organisers have setup called VirtualU.

VirtualU is a thinly disguised ActiveWorlds inplementation which, amusingly, appears to have modelled the default male avatar on Roo Reynolds of IBM and BBC virtual worlds fame.  You be the judge:

More updates from the conference later on.  Follow it on Twitter too here: #ve09