Day 1 ended with team GPJ heading out for a nice Mexican meal and discussing team strategy.

Day 2 included some great sessions, including one from Angie from Cisco and Kenny from GPJ on Cisco’s global sales event which this year is going to be all online.  The highlight was them talking about using an alternate reality game (ARG) to help keep participants engaged.

There was a panel discussion, including GPJ’s very own Chris Meyer, looking at the future of virtual events/worlds.  The virtual audience was also projected up on the screen including the chat stream from the virtual environment.  I logged on to the wifi in the room and joined the virtual audience as well as the physical one so that I can type up on the screen (I was getting tired and mischeivous!).  For example they were talking about how the younger generation can multi-task. 🙂  I was asking the panel how they thought augmented reality would affect virtual worlds, but apart from Chris no one really engaged with that and played it safe looking 2-3 years in the future rather than 5-15 years.

Towards the end of the day it was great to finally catch up with Dannette Veale from Cisco on a panel discussion and had a long chat with her afterwards about virtual worlds, Second Life etc. as her role has much similarity to what I was doing previously with IBM.

Later on I gave a mini-interview to CeCe from InXpo about my view on how games will alter virtual events

Finally Kenny and I had time to catch up and throw some ideas around over a beer before parting.  I headed into San Fransisco tired but happy and conked out in my room at the fantastic Palace Hotel.