I’ve been very interested over the last few days, to see the number of augmented reality applications that are becoming (ahem!) reality.  I wrote a post about the possibilities of augmented reality and leaving tagged information in the real world some 7 years ago, and right now you can go to the Wimbledon site and download an application that will help you navigate around Wimbledon Tennis club to buy strawberries, find centre court and the public conveniences etc.

Or how about buying houses in Holland…

Or finding your nearest tube stop in London

Some Android phones, and Apple’s new iPhone S have:

GPS – some the phone knows where and how high it is

A Digital Compass – what direction is it facing

A Tilt Switch – what angle is the camera on the device pointing

This allows the device to know exactly where in the world the device is pointing at, so if the device has access to a database of information with geospatial coordinates it can plot this data overlaid on the video display on the device.  In other words you can see things that aren’t there!

Imagine the possibilities!  Delicious allows you to tag the web for useful content.  Twit pic allows you to tweet your photos.  These new capabilities would allow you to tag the whole world!  Store photos of yourself doing amusing things at a location, which would be viewable by people at that location.