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Following on from yesterday’s augmented reality post, I thought I’d start posting some ideas up to show people where augmented reality might take us…

How about your own virtual pet?  With the event of mobile devices having a digital compass and tilt switch, the device knows where it is in relation to itself.  So… how about looking around you and seeing your virtual pet wandering or flying around you.  You could call it over and look down at your obedient dog called to heel.  Or perhaps you have to train it.  Perhaps it goes off and find interesting virtual information in the neighbourhood and fetches it for you.  Perhaps you can play a game where you throw sticks or a ball for it to go find.  If you are outdoors, so your GPS is working, perhaps my pet can wander over to say hello to your pet.  Or maybe it could be my guard dog, warning me of danger.

Using the Patent Andy Walter and I posted for IBM in 2005 (US 7,474,595 B2), perhaps you could even see a newly synthesised video created using all the photos taken in the area, simulating what your virtual dog might be seeing as it runs off into the distance!

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