Despite some signs of peaking, interest in Twitter still seems pretty high.  One of the best uses for Twitter I’ve seen is at conferences and meetings, either for the participants to talk to each other, or even projected up during panel sessions to create interaction between audience and presenter.

Until now that either had to be done by using a separate projector to display the live Twitter stream, using an app like Tweetdeck or visible tweets, or could be done for panel sessions, where there was no presenter slides anyway.

I just came across Poll Everywhere, which allows you to do some pretty neat things, including as the name suggests, creating polls.  Poll Everywhere can create a widget which you can place INTO your powerpoint slides so that tweets can appear right there on your slides.  What’s also great is that your audience doesn’t even need to be on Twitter as it also allows your audience to text in their comments.  If you want to break up the presentation a bit and make things even more interactive you can place a full slide poll chart which tracks your audience’s question responses live.  This is a great way to engage an audience at a hybrid event, where some of the participants are not physically there.

It does need a little tweaking to get the font size right, but works really well.

Another nice touch was from a colleague of mine at GPJ, who has started to add suggested Twitter-sized soundbits to his presentations to encourage his audience to tweet. 🙂