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Have been increasingly concerned about the phenomenon mentioned at last years Virtual Worlds Forum by Cory Doctorow where social networking sites become less and less useful as you pick up more and more “friends” that aren’t really your friends.  This is especially true when your boss asks to be your friend – what are you gonna do, say no?

At the moment, I am mainly using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for social networking.  An old friend of mine recently posted a video from a fun event we went to showing me dancing crazily (a very fun day it was too), but it got me thinking whether I really want my colleagues or only vague acquaintences seeing it and other stuff I’d really prefer only my friends to see.

So, I’ve taken the radical (?!) step of clearing out my Facebook account of all work related friends and “friends”, and plan to use my LinkedIn account for professional related networking, Facebook for personal social networking, and my Twitter account for anything inbetween as it tends to carry less personal info and I feel more in control of it.

So, if you’re not my “friend” anymore, don’t take it personally, especially if you’re my boss 😉

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