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I spent some time earlier looking for a really easy way for my wife to get into subscribing to RSS feeds so she can keep up with the news etc. and decided that Google reader was probably best. Having played with it and setup some feeds for her, I am finding yet again, that Google do things very well indeed. I currently use GreatNews as an offline reader, but am quickly on the verge of switching to Google Reader.

Why? Because I can access my feeds anywhere, and I can easily share articles with my wife through it’s notes function or sharing function. Now, given that I work from home, I could simply talk to her. a) that is clearly far too simple 😉 , but b) in reality it means I can share something with her when she might want to read it, rather than when I want to share it with her. Now how’s that for smoothing marital bliss!

Add to that the exisiting google calendar function we sometimes use, the blogger blog we use for her photography business and it’s starting to look like a life operating sytem.

To smooth all this along, I’ve been enjoying using Dapper to turn really important things into RSS feeds. For example (this was the example I showed my wife) an RSS feed of when the Charlie and Lola episodes on BBC iPlayer. Now that is useful! 🙂

Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola

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