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On this auspicious day for America, I’ve just realised that I have a larger (albeit somewhat tenuous) link to the US government than I’d previously thought. I’ve just realised that one of the pictures I took of our Virtual Business Center in Second Life appeared in Colin Parris’ submission to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet Hearing about Second Life.

Here’s the submission

Here’s the video of it – Colin comes in about halfway.  It’s quite an interesting start with committee members quite amused that the whole thing is being simulcast into Second Life with the speaker noting that his avatar is more trim than he is 🙂

And here’s the original picture below.  As helper to Sarah, my wife in her photography business it’s quite a one-up to note my pics (ok virtual photo) have been seen by such a group!  🙂

Well, after a blogging vacation, Boris is back. A lot has happened in the virtual world, and in particular my bit of it in IBM land. has launched it’s 2-island sim in Second Life, and more recently has launched a “Virtual Green Data Center” – more on that soon. Boris has hosted a few more Wonderland shows using the very cool “Mogulus” web application, and will be back on the air net soon – probably with a bit more of a business flavour.

What else is new… I attended the Virtual Worlds conference in New York a few months back, which was great chance to catch up with the myriad of IBMers working in virtual worlds. It was quite funny – the fact that there were clients there was almost a side issue, as it was just so cool to finally meet people I’d worked with virtually for so long – including my boss!

On the conference theme, I am getting ready for the two coming up in London in October. Am hoping to speak on the aforementioned Virtual Green Data Center at one of them.

Finally, for now, I have had a quick play with Google’s new “Lively” 3D application. This is encouraging in some ways, as it again helps put virtual world higher up the agenda. I have to say though this feels a pretty early effort, with many on the forums feeling short-changed. It has more a feeling of an alpha than even a beta, and in that sense is a bit un-google like. However, I am sure Google will sort it and I don’t doubt will gain some mind share simply because it’s a google thing. That can only be good for us all. I do think that the browser is the way to go for mass acceptance of virtual worlds – flash based etc. so no further downloads. That would also be ideal for my wife’s new Photography business: Sarah Aires Photography. We could create online 3D galleries of her portfolio or even private galleries for clients.

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