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I’ve been busy of late as every man and his dog seems to want a machinima. Here’s a couple of recent ones that have gone public:

Smarter Planet

Another set of videos I was really pleased with that shows the quick and easy potential for creating video content using virtual worlds for real business is here (on Facebook no less!):
Agile Software Development Series with Grady Booch – 7 short tech chats

As my Twitter followers will know I’ve been dabbling with Linux this week. I’ve never really had the need before, but a friend kindly gave me a dead laptop, to which I attached an old external LCD screen, keyboard and mouse and installed “crunchbang Linux” on a 4GB thumbdrive. This has given our house a new kitchen “info-station”. Kinda like the smart fridge idea everyone talked about a few years ago only smarter cos rather than knowing what’s in your fridge, you can facebook easily on it! 🙂 So… gone is the paper calendar by the phone… now we have google calendar, which we can access from our PCs / devices, including my shiny newish iPod touch. Finally, one version of the truth and less To Do lists around the place too!

That’s 70 solid days worth of viewing!

After a quiet start to the year, it’s suddenly got very busy here in IBM land.  We have been working on a couple of new ideas for supporting IBM’s sales and marketing efforts and the world and his blue dog are beating a path to our door.  The credit cruch has meant that people are spending less on things like events and so are looking at what they can do – things like smart marketing and online / virtual events.  Some highlights so far:

  • Made a Smarter Planet trailer for IBM using Second Life.
  • Have been working on a proposal for doing some new (hush hush) 3D internety things.
  • Have been pitching our machinima and events capabilities around IBM with lots of interest.
  • Have been developing a new internal video hosting and streaming offering for IBM which I am getting a LOT of interest in.  Practially getting my hand bitten off!

Aside from that, I’ve been busy working on my wife’s business: “Sarah Aires Photography“.  We now have automated online ordering – products go straight to clients, with online credit card payments.  There has been a recent flurry of interest from people wanting Sarah to photograph their weddings – people still get married even in a recession.  🙂  I’ve been having fun learning more about web design.  I’ve been trying to avoid using flash as I’ve noticed many photographers over-use it.  I have a javascript slideshow on the front page now, which is a big improvement from the single image we had before.  At some point we’ll do a full redesign, but we have to get some more basic things done first like overhauling the pricelist/offerings etc.  We’ve just added online booking forms (hidden) and a feedback form.  We really MUST do an about us section too.  A while back I integrated a blogger blog to the site, so have been blogging there.  It’s great to have two such creative and fun jobs!

Here’s to a great rest of Q1!

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