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It’s been a good week.  I get asked a lot about how to create videos using virtual worlds (machinima [pronounced ma shin ee ma], so I’ve been creating a series of videos on how to create virtual videos.  Which of course means this is one of those happy times when the medium is the message.  There is nothing new in all that of course, but as it’s done on IBM time and for an IBM audience it sadly means that I won’t be posting it on the internet.

In the course of doing all this, I found a great little internal IBM website which allows you to create topics with content and then mash them together into mini-courses which people can sign up for.  It did also remind me that things go full circle.  When I joined IBM I worked on a project called “Learning Village” which IBM sold to a company called RiverDeep which basically did the same thing and more, but was a full-blown Lotus Notes deployment.

This is all very timely as I am on a panel discussion tomorrow up in London for an HR Magazine on virtual worlds learning.  I’d best go iron a shirt! 🙂

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