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I have been running regular tours of the Virtual Green Data Center, both in Second Life, and also simultaneously streaming them online using Mogulus. This is really great, as it allows us to invite everyone, even those who can’t or won’t come into Second Life, and still have a degree of interaction. This tends to work really well if I am supporting someone else running the tour as I can fly my camera around to focus in on what they are talking about. My new 3D connexion mouse thingy and the Second Life Release candidate make that a pleasure as I can execute smooth pans and zooms without the need for pre-setup camera positions, making it better viewing for our online participants.

The other nice thing about Mogulus, is that you can embed their player into your page, so somehow we got dispensation to embed it into an page, and placed it in our Business Center page. Currently it plays a 2 minute video about the Green Data Center (narrated by my multi-talented) wife, but can be switched live to show a tour of the data center or indeed anything else.

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